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Our Process

Every project starts with a 15 min. call to see if we're a good fit to work together. If we are, then we use our proven 2-step process to get your brand ready for what's next in your business. 

Step 1: Start with your brand blueprint  

Step 2: Revitalize your brand

After your strategy session, The Salt™ our team will elevate your brand and implement the key opportunities laid out in the brand blueprint. Most people fall into the Growth package, but we'll let you know which is the right fit for your goals. 

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For startups and solopreneurs looking to hit the ground running, not waste any time, and be set up for future success without needing to take months getting their brand ready or re-do anything in the future.



*Our most popular package

For growing businesses looking to level up their brand, messaging, positioning, or website in order to achieve a specific goal or objective. Whether you're feeling out of date, are experiencing a shift in your audience or market, or just finally feeling like you're at the stage of growth where you can invest in your brand, this package is for you.




For established businesses ready to level up and achieve what's next. Whether it's scaling, moving into a new market, getting acquired, buying multiple brands, positioning to sell, or raising capital, we've got you covered.



Let's chat to see if we're a fit to work together. 

Ready for what's next?

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